The roulette systems

A perfect roulette system is the one you are able to learn. A good roulette system is based on mathematics and has nothing in common with prognosis or precondition. Hypothetically there is nothing you can calculate in roulette because it is a hypothesis that you cannot rely on. There exist also some information that are not based on the preconditions basis.

The Roulette Methods

So we can talk about the things that can be really calculated from available information in generally known regulations. I want to say that the roulette system should fulfill the system conditions. A perfect system should have the exact mathematical values. The roulette system should run at 100% at all circumstances in the casino. Therefore, a very important thing is to see the system first because the authors of the roulette methods don´t show their system in public, they just write about them.

The Internet is overfull with such unverified roulette methods. The sellers of such prognosis sometimes don´t know what they sell because they are the people having no idea about the happening in casinos. They are more probably the roulette players via on-line casinos and they gain all their experiences from uncreditable sources on the Internet and that is why their calculation is just an assumption. However, we will deal with this information later. A perfectly calculated roulette system is the one that doesn´t mind any situations that resulted from a game itself in a real casino with a real dealer.

Why I talk about the real casino? That is because there is no place for gaming machine s in the category of the roulette systems. A gaming machine is just a machine for passing the time, for which you pay the owner of the machine. The roulette machine is not supposed for winning by chance but to bring the owner the profit. The usage of the system is not appropriate to be used for pre - programmed software. There are no principles of a chance in an electronic roulette even there is no a principle of accidentally generated numbers – you should realize it very carefully, even you will agree with me, or not.

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