The Roulette Maths

Roulette maths is a term that is not very understandable for many people also because they have prejudice about roulette game. Prejudice established just on the facts they read or heard somewhere. Consecutively, they joined together acquired information into their own (perverted and mysterious) whole. But all those absurd information had been again written by someone not having the credit of trustworthiness.

Zero and double zero

It is clear then, that their knowledge about roulette is sloppy and incomplete to be utilized in real world of casinos. There we have to say that in casinos work just dealers – professionals absolutely mastering their jobs. So casinos are absolutely sure that there may come only someone having less knowledge and experiences. Let´s deal with maths itself – even roulette is not just about maths. Roulette consists also of geometry. To illustrate, I am going to write about European roulette having one zero.

The cloth on the roulette table is dividing 37 numbers in 3 independent wholes. Don ´t you like my interpretation yet? Of course, you will see in a while what´s going on. 36 numbers on roulette table is divided in 18 red and 18 black numbers. This is the basic geometric quantity. As you can see I haven´t mentioned zero – intentionally, of course. On the roulette table zero is placed in isolation at the beginning of gaming fields and that is why it is not a basic quantity in roulette. For an uninvolved person green colour is the biggest threat in the game. So why is the zero placed at the beginning of the gaming field? As we are able not to pay attention on green zero for a bet and we bet on two same colours (also the numbers are in colours) – the game is becoming different.

The Roulette Master System

There we lower the percentage of the loss and the win to 50:50. If we join geometry and maths into one whole you can reach the border of possibilities how to master roulette. I am not going to write about the way you can master it, I can offer it to you to buy it as ready roulette system.

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