The Roulette Chips

This seventh definition is the most difficult one in roulette. All roulette players are sure that they play with money. That is the biggest mathematical mistake of all players because they recount money into the tokens´ values and the tokens themselves express other attributes and values than money itself. The roulette players don´t play with money but with their equivalent put into tokens. Therefore nobody of roulette players doesn’t count the tokens - it seems to be useless and not very practical.

The Roulette Tokens

Mathematics used in roulette game is the one to let you think in a certain mathematical level. The counting of tokens is that very important and significant activity. However, you have to react quickly and surely at the roulette table, so you need the home practice. The usage of tokens, quick reactions and sureness is that will be your advantage in the real casino in future. If you are a long-time player and are snowed under information (of uncertain origin) about roulette phenomena, it is important to get rid of these absurd and dangerous information.

These not very useful information may harm you at playing and you will pay for your hesitation by your money put into the game. A very important advice is – if you still change money in tokens at the table – to ask the dealer for the one of the free colours of tokens. Why? The fact is that if you play with cash tokens, there may happen that your bet may mix with the bet of another player and there becomes a row who put how many tokens and where... Another fact why there are colour tokens is that is a casino loses a colour token that cannot be found until the end of the shift, the casino pays a fine to the tax bureau.

The Roulette Jetons

So you don´t have to worry that a casino would eject you with the tokens in your hand without being paid. However, if there is such a situation you may complaint about the certain casino – that may be closed for public until the complain is solved. But it is unreal to happen and the casinos pay you better out. These are the rules that aren´t written anywhere and the casinos keep them secretly.

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