The Roulette Alphabet

Is the mixture of all information from the casino surroundings – how to work with all information while playing roulette. I am not going to explain roulette terms like: chance, dozen, spin etc. I am going to explain you my roulette alphabet. Roulette alphabet basically replaces charts, timetable, and the whole programme of a player that he created himself.

The Second Alphabet

The roulette alphabet for the game is so usable directly at the roulette table that is particularly important for a reliable blinder. So, let´s have a closer look how it could be in reality. Firstly, very important is to estimate how you are financially competent. It means you evaluate your priority for casino attendance. I mean the indicator of minimum and maximum bets I wrote about before. There is a very important phenomenon called bankroll for the start of the game. If you evaluated that positively and you took place at the roulette table, the second rule of the alphabet is not to underrate the work of the dealers as well as your own work.

There is important to know that dealer is the employer of casino and he earns money for the casino thanks to his creativity. Simply and clearly -a dealer is a professional player playing against you and your interests.

That´s why it is time to show the fact that the dealer can throw a ball exactly the way he wants. Of course, if he knows where the bets are bet. Dealers have a very good memory so they don´t have to watch your bet because they are able to remember your previous one. They know what style you use or what your favourite numbers are. The third rule in the alphabet is the information about signs placed in the roulette drum. If you believe that they should serve for a change of the movement of the spinning ball – it is not their whole meaning. These are the main reference points for the dealer where a ball should be thrown.

The Third Rules of Roulette

A lot of dealers were fired because they were agreed with players and shared the earnings. A dealer is really able to place the ball at the spin. Now you may ask yourself a question, why I offer roulette system if a dealer knows where to throw a ball. There is the fact that this roulette system is calculated to give exact and unchangeable values. The only thing a dealer may do is to leave a table so that there would be no one to throw a spin. And that is impossible because he would lose a job.

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