The First Rules of Roulette

Roulette rules are the mixture of basic information for roulette players playing by systems. The people who play roulette without roulette systems don´t need the rules as they play just like „zigzag“. It is necessary to choose the easiest way for the orientation for the roulette players. Roulette rules are not just indicators of the winning paid 1:35, 1:3 or 1:1.One of the insidiousnesses is the notification indicator on gaming roulette table such as signs of possible minimum and maximum bets.

Tokens Values

There, however, (as I wrote before) it is about the marked amounts. There are values you can play with within the system but also those that are not suitable for game. Why? At the gaming table you could not react mathematically if you are pressed for time together with manipulation and counting the tokens values. However, there are also such values that can be managed also by a child having the ability of addition – what ´s enough in roulette.

Of course, on the assumption that your memory is developed at least on average. Are you laughing that there is no high mathematics in roulette? In my opinion you don´t have to search a difficult way in roulette but the easiest one.So the roulette rule may be called absolutely simply: Don´t underestimate work of another person.It means that dealer – croupier is an important person as well. Such important that he has to throw the ball into the wheel at any situation. You think it is not possible? Please, see trial version prepared especially for demonstration of the roulette system Knut power.

The roulette rules don´t have to always be regulations and values in the casinos. The rules are exactly those values that a roulette player wants accept and suppose them to be a roulette Holy Grail. They should express the values and priorities set by a player himself according to his values. Because roulette is marked by some mystification during the centuries, it is extremely important for a player to choose just those most relevant information.

He should logically choose if it may be based on reality or if it is just a player´s rumour. His thinking should come out of facts, not speculations. Among the rules belongs also information: In all casinos it is allowed to play by different systems. You mustn´t use any electronics tools or you will never be let to enter the casino again.

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