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Knut Evolution roulette system is a special roulette system for one person created according to your requirements. This means that each client receives a specific and unique roulette system that is created by a particular person's character traits or ways of playing. In advance, however, I warn that the special roulette system Knut Evolution incorporates elements that will be necessary to learn honestly, adhere in the game and get used to a new way of behaviour in the game in the casinos. The roulette system Knut Evolution is designed for "an order" according to your needs and principles that you prefer while playing assuming that you're a player and you have at least some experience at roulette in a real casino.

I'll Create a Roulette System Evolution

Special roulette system Knut Evolution. If you're not a player, but you want to start playing roulette, I ´ll create a roulette system according to your criteria and conditions that you can afford in the casino. The roulette system Knut Evolution is not a system identical to the one for one person or for two players, or quartet of players, but it is a roulette system "tailored to your needs" and it is different from all my presented systems, as in any special system there will be different elements and you'll be the only using this roulette system. That is how you will be different from all other users and you will have something unique that no one else has. Knut Evolution roulette system can be created especifically for two players, but also for a group of four players. If you are solvent and do not want to play yourself, you can assemble a group of four players and let them play for you. In this case I can advise you properly as I have experience in this topic.

To each client who orders the roulette system Knut Evolution, I ´ll create – as a bonus - a European or global schedule, thanks to which he can plan which casinos may he / she begin and the casinos which will be appropriate to continue playing in. You can use the Knut Evolution roulette system with progression or progression-free, but that is a matter of your choice. Of course, I will teach and explain all the necessary knowledge of roulette and the systems meeting each customer personally. If you live outside Europe and want the roulette system evolution and I provide the tutoring via Skype application in the required timescale.

What I need to know in order to create the Special Roulette system Knut Evolution for you:

1. How much time per month or week you are able to spend by playing. It is important how much time you spend on the game system, hence its practicing. Your income as well as your actual profits after deducting the cost of travel, accommodation etc. is derived from that fact. I need also information how much time you want to play exactly in a casino.

2. Your previous experience and breadth of experience in playing a live roulette (not online via computer). This is the method of acquiring of information or experience. If you were taught via online casinos or read a lot on internet forums about roulette and the like, or you are a self-taught and have been playing your own way of playing roulette.

3. Your memory skills. The importance of memory is the matter of prime importance and therefore if you have a problem to learn we can train your memory together.

4. Your math skills without the use of electronics. The second basic principle to use roulette systems is to handle multiplication appropriately and the question is whether you can do this, too.

5. Your ability to learn new thinking and use progressive tactics. Here at this point I would be very direct as to hear new information may not be enough and you will have to learn it by heart.

6. Are you mobile? Do you own a vehicle, or you have to be transported to the casinos. This is about your ability to concentrate after a long travel on a game with or without having rest. Surely you will not go to the same casino for several times, so you will have to travel.

7. Are you married, divorced, single, in a relationship, a spouse or living with your parents or having differently limited time? I think there is nothing to add. Surely you must realize what will limit your free time and that is another fact that derives the average time spent in casinos.

8. Are you moody, cool, stubborn, prudent, adaptable or perfectionist? You should always express your true character and hide nothing. Only that way I can build the most interesting game system for roulette for you.

9. Your financial options for playing. I know that this will be bitter and painful, but if you do not have the money (I mean that you are reliant on your salary ) you should not even think about casino. You have to be prepared financially for each entrance to the casino and need to know which casino to join.

10. The price of such an ordered roulette system will be driven by the demands and complexity, but also by indicators of how much can such a system win in one hour. However, the minimum price is set at € 5,000 for a roulette system for one person. The roulette system for two people is set for a minimum price of € 10 000. The roulette system for four people and its price will depend on the speed and credibility of the interest, that means by the agreement. The minimum price is set between € 60 000 and € 80 000. As you can see the roulette system for vip player is not presented here because it is not offered to individual treatment. In the VIP roulette system is nothing to improve and this system has a fixed position and background. All these roulette systems are applicable to American roulette, French roulette as well as European roulette.

Roulette Players

All these mutual information have a profound impact on creating roulette system Knut Evolution if you want to it to serve especially for you.

Due to the mutual understanding of the needs and requirements I´ll handle all expressed concerns in the roulette system on your requests via Skype application: (adress via e-mail) or G-Talk (adress via e-mail). The roulette systems I offer are obtained immediately after analyzing your answers to my personal meeting in Europe. I always come to you wherever you are in Europe, except for Ukraine, Russia and the former states of the Russian Federation.

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