The full version of roulette system Knut

I am the author of the roulette system Knut for stone casino player. It means that the full version of roulette system is intended for the game roulette in the casino where the ball is spinned by the croupier - dealer.

It means that roulette system Knut is intended for other types of roulette, online roulette, electronic in the gaming houses and so on. The reason is, that the system is based on mathematic basis and other types of the roulettes are programmed by a human, but it can also be used here. Roulette system Knut is intended for American roulette, European roulette as well as for French roulette. These pages are intended for adults only.

The Roulette System for Stone Casinos Player

The roulette system Knut is based on the game on the both colours i.e. mutually on the red and black, here (in roulette system) it is not played / betted on the green (zero, double zero). The roulette system is easy to learn and simple as well, and it can be learned in several hours and let's say after a short home training it is possible to go the casino and to work by this system and to win.

I am about to introduce just few statistic data about the profitability of the system. While the basic investment 1 unit of the currency is on 60 spins the possibility to earn from about 100 up to 150 units, but while 10 units it is about 2000 units and more on 60 spins It depends on the fact how many times falls the zero within these 60 spins. I want to remark that the zero is not dangerous but it is advantageous in this roulette system. I specify why it is different in the game rule. The whole theory with the training may last several hours up to one day if the player is clever and patient. As an example I introduce in the charts the game in maximal limits of 500, 5000, 20000. For other limits I introduce the instructions how the player himself calculates the system at the casino.

You can buy the whole system after the fullfilment of the form. The basic rule of the roulette system is to count the tokens not the value of the token. The roulette method of the game (described in the game rule in detail) is in the mathematic chart that can be adapted by the player himself according to minimal and maximal bets in the casinos he/she visits.

The price is rated for 2000 € for The full version of roulette system Knut buy here and download here.

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