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Little did I looked my archives and I have prepared for you: download free 236 screenshots roulette game in which I played about 500 games. You have the option to make sure that the roulette system Knut to the long process of winning at roulette. This is not a casual or short-term process. Despite the fact that very often falling zero should interfere with this method, the cupboard screenshots you will see and you will see that roulette system Knut such an obstacle in the form of zeros does not know.


It's like roulette statistics I saw the whole process for approximately 10 hours of playing roulette in one piece, so all the images follow each other without interruption. The screenshots when you get zero, one out a few spins Due to the fact that you could not identify what is the procedure to fit zero roulette and other principles of roulette system Knut. Of course you have the opportunity to see every single game, that every one roulette spin. In the screenshots you can find even the anomalies and absurd situations in roulette game. After a few missed pictures, but you can see (in the indicator numbers on the right side of figure) that actually continue playing. Continues without problems with capital, and no problems with playing limits for color. The zip package can also be used by those who think that with such statistics can be calculated in terms of something roulette projections. File Download roulette games with the server is no speed limit. Downloading to your computer, however, not become the owner nor the author, and this package is still under the control of copyright has claimed as the author. You can view this file, examine the authenticity of every single image and not tampered with it in addition to fabrication. Or explore by your priorities. Disclosure rar package and its contents on the private or social site is unacceptable, therefore you should not forget that each download (download) file is protected by the receiving person identifiers, ie your computer and IP address. Thus, handle with a set of responsibilities. Roulette game file size is 86 megabytes and can be downloaded on the green line by clicking on Download.236 free roulette game screenshots.

Free download

Here 236 screenshots Download free roulette game roulette system Knut.

The course of 500 games roulette spins: 17 times zero.

Most multiple colors: seven.

The most repeated number in a row, four, zero, four, four, four.

Most consecutive alternation of colors: 15 times.


Here are videos about roulette, casinos and everything that has anything to do with gambling, roulette system Knut and my person. Click on the link and get the video. In the comfort of your home, you can play videos on the roulette wheel, you can analyze and evaluate how you see fit.

Video files are prohibited anywhere to place the internet space, are protected by copyright Publisher! All copyrights are reserved.

Travelling European casinos.

Demonstration video roulette system power.

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