The Roulette system for VIP player

This roulette system is a set of three game modes, which each can be used individually, or you can decide on the place, right in the Casino. Let´s have a closer look, who the VIP player is. The VIP player is understood the person well known to the public and media, or is it the person whom the Casino appreciate in a certain way and that person does not play the roulette in common premises. Therefore, a VIP player plays in a saloon, located in an enclosed space hidden for the other current players. The VIP player can only be rich and may not be famous, but it can also be a person visiting the Casino very often and Casino gives him the possibility to entertain separately from the other players.

VIP roulette system different.

VIP roulette system Knut is set for the rich and the richest social classes exclusively. These three roulette systems are completely different from roulette systems for individuals, couples and four players.

The price of the roulette system for VIP player is fixed. You will find the price enclosed by e-mail upon request exclusively. You can make an email request and please, give all your data or you can write me via the help desk, if I'm on-line on the websites. Here, however, please do it on my site required registration. Without this registration I don´t react to any suggestions.

Price system VIP Player: € 100,000. Payment is possible only via bank transfer to the account number.

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