The Roulette System Knut for The Group

The roulette system for the group is the system for four players. I supposed that roulette system to meet the conditions in the casinos as well as the conditions for four players. Why four? I come out from the real data – the players are moving among the casinos by car and it is more comfortable to travel in four than in five. Therefore, the roulette system is mathematically defined for four people because what they can play as a real game, it cannot be played by one or the couple of the players.

Gambling Group Team

Profit from the game played by four players is many times higher than when you use any other previous systems I offer. Of course, the difficulty of use is higher than at previous systems, since I have thought about the purpose and incorporated it into instructions for use.

The price of the roulette system for four players is fixed. Whereas, I refer to the conditions of the market and I know that there are not so many gambling teams, you will find the price enclosed by e-mail upon request exclusively. I don´t react at any other suggestions.

Price of four players: € 40,000. Payment is possible only via bank transfer to the account number.

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