Preparation For Playing Roulette

My life is not hectic, I don´t rush and also I have to say that I am deliberate and calm man. As soon as I decide to go to casino I proceed according to strict steps being a ritual for me. First I have a look at my notes, I checked where I actually was and where I should go this time. On principle, I don´t play in my country so I always choose the casinos abroad. I own the database of all casinos of the world so I choose the routes of the casinos. After planning the route I start to pack my luggage and I take clothes for several days. I don´t do anything in the nick of time. As soon as I am packed I still have enough time to practice all I need in the roulette system. I do that also when I am not going to the casino – practicing your senses can´t harm you.

I get into my car and set out. For a perfect performance I need, I don´t get out of my car right in front of the casino and I don´t go directly to casino to play. First I put up at a hotel, have a rest and just then I go to the casino. After I pass the reception and am registered, I walk past all tables. On my way I change the necessary amount of money into tokens. I choose the table where it is played by the most advantageous limits for playing in my system. However I don´t sit directly to the table but I go towards the bar where I order coffee and mineral water. I refuse alcohol drinks radically. While I am drinking coffee and water I watch and evaluate all the situations I can watch. How many players are there at which table, the displays, the dealers... If he is younger or older, a man or a woman.

Preparation for Playing

Basically, it is such a game as in Bond 007 – to guess where to sit and not to be disturbed. I sit to a table with more than two players. I ask politely for a place and sit the way I have a free access to the gaming field. I never sit at the top of the table or at the side of the table. I even don´t play if I have to stay at playing. I just sit against the dealer position. I ask the dealer to give me the tokens in colour of such value I exactly need for a game. I start to play my system. I don´t contact the dealer or other players visually even I don´t smile at anybody.

It is important not to begin the conversation or to get acquinted. If being asked by somebody I confine my answer to be reserved but polite. I play mine and I am not interested in anything else because I don´t want to be disturbed. I don´t watch numbers at each spin digital stand. When I stop playing I change colour tokens at dealer and I finish. On principle I play an hour and half at most and then I leave either to another casino or to the hotel if there is no other casino in that town. I change the won tokens at the cashier desk. If it is possible I let to draw a cheque on my name or I ask to transfer the winning on my credit card.

If there is no such possibility and I have a cash I immediately go to the toilette and hide my money to a certain secret place. It is due to the fact that you never know what may happen to you in a street of a unknown town. I leave the casino and pretend to lose millions to mislead the people having shady intentions in front of the casino. If the hotel is far from the casino I call a taxi and let me to take to the hotel. It is safe, the taxi drivers working for casinos are verified by casinos. The next day I relax and go sightseeing around the town. I go to the swimming pool, visit the museums – simply I am a relaxing tourist. I have exactly calculated how much time I need to move to another town. I repeat all ritual until I have a feeling of tiredness. As soon as I am tired I go back home. While returning back home I don´t enter any other casinos and I live from the money I earned. My way around the casinos lasts usually several days (usually a week). My next journey follows several months later.

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