Einstein Theory about Roulette

The term of pathological roulette player is the marking of a person who behave dangerously towards his surroundings and sometimes also towards himself. In the very beginning we should say that each citizen is protected by constitution. Let´s then work on generally known data. As we know statistical data of the number of people who began treatment, we find out that there is no mental disorder but business in medicine. Each man has a right to decide and has to consider each step in his life. No apology of mental disorder is tolerable before the law. Even the 21st century hasn´t brought such a law (in no country in the world) that would divested the player the “sui juris“. Again, we are back at business and at our defence we ´ll leave our own values for the existence.

Einstein Theory

Albert Einstein calculated how to win in roulette but nobody can say exactly what he wanted to figure out. We don´t know what information he had at the disposal and so that which way he focused on. As the topic says it is just a theory, nothing esle. We don´t have to write all about Mr Einstein, it should be clear to all of us. And evaluation – A man created a roulette and a man can defeat it again.

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