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The longtime experiences I have make me sure that you, my dear clients, ask me for a personal meeting in order to buy the roulette system Knut. That is why I offer my services to the clients within Europe except of Russia and Ukraine, where I do not travel at all. However, my client services are conditioned by deposit payment for travelling to you. The conditions are following.

Countries and price

Slovakia: the deposit of 300,00 €.

The Czech Republic: the deposit of 300,00 €.

Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Bosnia and Herzegovina: the deposit of 1,200.00 €.

France, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia - Fyrom, Romania, Albania: the deposit of 1,400.00 €.

England, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Norway, Finland, Sweden: the deposit of 1,900.00 €.


On 14 September 2012, the changing conditions of a personal encounter and the advance payment. The one who wants to meet me is obliged to pay an advance payment in full for their costs. Time in which I bear the costs of traveling I ended. Because you abused my kindness and often you just want to meet and talk with me. So, if you just want to meet with me and you have to pay in the scale. The meeting can be free only when you find a notice that I travel on specified dates after some route for your country.

From December 4, 2013 paid entirely new prices roulette systems because the systems are completely new stuff for buyers clients in version 2014.

New and redesigned for wider use.

Normally, the roulette system Knut costs € 2000 but at the meeting 10% of the price will be reduced for you as my bonus. However, I can't do more. In case you are interested to buy the roulette system Knut cheaper you should pay attention to info on my web pages.

The roulette system is presented by me myself in Slovak, Czech and Polish. I can speak conversational English and Russian. The system presentation takes from three to five hours so I need you to be free for nearly such a long time. My client services are there for you to improve my offer for you my dear clients.

Thank you for visiting the site roulette system Knut.

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